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Book 1 of an illustrated Sci-Fi Trilogy!

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First Printing, 2014
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The years have gone by, it is the 21st C.,
Exactly which year is a mystery to me.
A fantastic scrapyard has slowly collected,
Filled with curious things we forgot and neglected,
Things robotic, things full of wire,
The kinds of things we inventors desire.
Things not perfect which may be made whole again,
As beautifully new and different inventions.
Along comes a lad whose father flew faraway,
But he hopes to find him again, someday.
He works on his own with amazing machines,
So he can finally solve the mystery of his dreams.
But being alone doesn’t make a happy end,
He’ll never fulfill his dreams without finding a friend.
So sit back, dear reader, turn the first paper leaf,
There’s a fantastic scrapyard, with a secret underneath.

Opening Poem (Audio-Book)

Chapter 1 – Big Ben and the Boy

A blue-white light as bright as the sun flashed blindingly in the gloom of the evening.  A whistling snap accompanied it, along with the low crackle of high-voltage electricity.   Big Ben moved and worked slowly but with great power.

Again and again the glaring star of searing light flashed and crackled, with molten hot drops popping away from it to glance off mighty arms or the heavy pieces of sheet metal that he easily held in each hand.  Nothing matched his brawn, his tireless steel muscles as he held the two fifty pound steel plates at the proper angle while his third, welder arm moved delicately along the thin gap between them. Slowly and precisely it moved, fusing the two heavy, shaped pieces together with its super-heated voltage which arced off the long, melting stick of a welding rod.  There seemed to be a boy, a child actually, who was hunkered down in Big Ben’s middle and following every move that he made with his mighty steel arms.

This was rather odd for the monster to accept, but he grudgingly allowed the boy to remain there while he carried on with his task at hand.  Every so often, Big Ben stopped working, even though he would rather not, and the boy would stop too and get out of his large, -metal belly and walk over to a workbench where he bent over paper plans of some sort.  Big Ben waited, patient and still, with the two heavy metal plates clamped firmly in his vice-hands.  The boy was rather thin and gangly, perhaps twelve years old, with longish brown hair falling over his eyes as he read over some technical blue­prints which lay before him.  Big Ben allowed this behavior to continue, with the boy hopping in and out of him at regular intervals to check a measurement or mutter to himself about a wiring connection.  At every move he made, Big Ben felt the thin lad manipulate small, flexible hand controls within him, and push foot-pedals as well.

Chapter I (Audio-Book)

Chapter I (Audio – Scene 2)

Chapter I (Scene 3)

Dear reader,
I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into the world of Alex The Inventor.
Book II (A.T.I. and the Ghosts in the Glass Tunnels with Illustrations)
will be published in 2018.

Book III (A.T.I. and the End World)  is finished save for Illustrations and is
due to be published in 2019.

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