Creatures, Martians and Machines from Books 1 & 2


Once upon a quieter time, not of ours, it was a farmer’s field.  Corn and other crops grew like weeds.  But, the farmer died, tragically and so, the junk and scrap soon grew where life had once been.  Yet life can take many other forms…most strange indeed.  The new life in and among the countless heaps of discarded motors, rusty gears, circuit-boards and old robots is that which was created with the skillful hands of a lonely boy.  Not all was though.  Of the Other life…well…

Alex cautiously inched closer to the creature that stood frozen in the beam of his flashlight.  A full minute ticked quietly by between them, like an unspoken count-down… 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1…

With the sound of dry, rasping gears, Larj, the Fly, crept out from under the rust and mire to hunt again.

Sanders_&_FlySanders was enslaved by a wicked Fly in a most horrific way.  His eyes were rolled back in their sockets as though he was trying to see what had happened to his brain! 

Old Elliot, the hobo, cowered in horror as the black, cat-sized Flies emerged from the muck and crevices all around him!

From Book II      –     Super-Sonic Dragonfly!

From Book II     –     A Weaver Spider, as large as a grizzly, stalked out of the shadows and strode with simple, evil purpose toward Alex.  Shuk would not be denied his prey.

After a gruelling battle with the Flies, Dart the Dragonfly needed extensive repairs.


From Book II  –  The furiously shooting fountain fell gracefully and there, standing at its ease on the surface of glassy smooth, glowing liquid was the Nethlin.  And then, the one became many!

In his dreams, Alex breathed deeply as he dashed across the glade then leaped up high, wishing to escape faraway…to Mars…


 The warriors of Mars flew swiftly down the Valles Marineris to do battle with the invaders from Phobos and Daemos!  But, death of a more terrible kind was descending from the stars to wreak awful chaos upon their whole world! 

As they plunged through the atmosphere toward their target, the squadron of Flies activated their weapons.
Battle would be glorious!

 From Book 2 –
Ten Thousand Earth-years ago, the invasion of Mars began from its two moons, Phobos and Deimos.

From Book 2 – Halden Fier-Waii’s Martian spacecraft with the DIIVE Drive Coils

Halden Fier-Waii flying to meet his father, King T’eir and his scholars at the secret cave.

From Book 2 – Halden takes his first step into the 5th Dimension – the Glass Tunnels.

“Take this medallion on your journey, Halden”, said the king, “when you return, I shall give you its mate.”

Five thousand Mars-Years ago, Halden Fier-Waii left his valley and his home to journey to the Blue Water-World.

From Book 2 – When the invasion began one morning, Halden escaped in his little spacecraft, never to see his family again.

And ten thousand Earth-Years later, Alex Faraway began to have a very real dream of ancient Mars.


Wallace Chater and Harold Strikt discussing some unpleasant issues.

Prof. Harold Strikt – an ingenious but possessed character in Book 2

The unusual plaque above the doorway into Deep Sky Aerospace Corp. indicates that it is under new and sinister management.

Elliot Jansen (Old Elliot the hobo) awoke from years of dazed confusion.  “The Glass Tunnels!  The invasion! I must warn everyone”, he cried!

The run-down and forlorn Cheery-Doze Motel welcomes a restless soul from out of the cold, desolate night. An exhausted Professor Strikt (and his companion) have come a long way in a short time.  In the morning, they will arrive in Delta-Town.  To pay Alex Faraway a friendly visit…

While the good professor slept, his “travelling companion” steps out from hiding.  Zin, the Wasp has grown and changed from the Fly she once was, into something more…hideous.  And devious…

Old Bob, the nosy night-manager of the Cheery-Doze, is dispatched by Zin to his last, long slumber.

Shuk, the giant Weaver Spider, emerges from his oil pod on the small Martian moon, Deimos, after 10,000 years.  The monster has been awakened to perform one last terrible, deadly deed on Earth.

Encased within an asteroid of his own making, Shuk leaves Deimos and heads towards Earth, and his rendevous with the Others.

Dart, the Dragonfly, leaves Alex’s workshop to patrol the scrapyard.  He is not convinced that all is well in the 100 acre junkyard since the Biosphere Ship left for Mars the week  before.

Dart senses danger and dives into battle!

The Dragonfly lands near the Nest of the Flies, a very familiar and dangerous place, and creeps forward to dispatch his adversary.